AHK Japan Luncheon

Wednesday November 15th, 2017

Generating Additional Sales Growth Using Existing Sales Personnel



Mr. Ziya Muhamedcani

President and Founder of Madison Company and Sales Institute Japan KK


In today’s fast moving, ever changing sales environment and with continued corporate pressures to achieve more with existing or less resources, the utilization of your largest and most expensive component, your company’s sales organization, takes on an even more critical role for achieving success.   Do your sales personnel possess the critical skills to work more efficiently and successfully?

Let’s take a look at companies today and how sales personnel roles and skills have evolved.


Sales reps are recruited into your company, given product knowledge and administrative training, sent off to a sales training program (usually 2-3 days in a classroom setting) and then sent out to the field.  Does this sound familiar?  Less time is devoted on sales reps learning how to sell.  Many years ago, new sales reps were trained at a slower pace, more thoroughly, learned good habits by the power of observing successful sales peers over a number of months in joint accompaniment customer calls.

But times have changed and more is expected from veteran sales reps as well as new recruits in a shorter period of time.

So in today’s hectic environment, what skills are essential and is the one overriding skill each sales rep must possess, regardless of length of company service to achieve continued, excellent sales success at a faster pace and be a major contributor to the sales effort?


Similarly, first line sales managers were previously groomed into their manager roles over a number of years usually based on a formal sales manager training program.  Maturation and age were important factors as well as the ability to achieve sales targets. These first line sales managers were charged with keeping the team motivated, on target and support subordinate development.

But today, more sales managers are being promoted into the position because they are “super sales reps” and in today’s sales organizations, these sales managers usually have sales territories themselves.  They receive less formal manager training, expected to deliver a significant sales target and are essentially “playing managers” as development of subordinates usually take a less significant role.

What management skills are needed and what is the one overriding skill each sales manager must master and exercise to successfully achieve the team’s sales targets as well as develop subordinate selling and customer servicing skills?

And what does senior management need to do to ensure success for the sales personnel in today’s selling environment?

At today’s luncheon, Mr. Muhamedcani, having observed, worked with and trained over 10,000 field sales personnel over his 25 years career in sales and sales training in Japan, is in a unique position to conclude what works, what is critical for success in this ever changing environment and what practical elements can drive sales today in an organization in Japan.  He will discuss how sales has changed, what is now expected from sales personnel and provide insight, ideas and tools that can be immediately utilized to boost the impact of your sales organization.


Date: November 15 (Wed), 2017
Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Members only: Yen 6,500
Language: English
Venue: GRAND HYATT TOKYO Drawing Room (2F)
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