BCCJ Luncheon on Diversity & Inclusion

Tuesday July 3rd, 2018

21st Century Solutions – how Diversity and Inclusion is shaping Japan and Scotland


Despite constant media coverage and corporate PR around diversity and inclusion, we find ourselves searching for countries, communities and leaders who have actually cracked the code.

Look no further than Japan and Scotland and our three panelists on July 3, each of whom are driving innovation across regional, national and international borders.


The D&I movement in Scotland and Japan



Scotland currently enjoys a 50:50 gender balanced cabinet. Putting equality at the heart of government, the country’s 2016 Gender Pay Gap report highlighted data on average salaries and other information about the gender make-up of private and public sector organisations. The report showed that there was still a gender pay gap of 11.1%. A year later, the second Gender Pay Gap report based on data at 31 March 2017, showed that the gender pay gap had reduced to 3.8% – within the target range or “tolerance level” of 5% set by the Scottish Government. So, how did they do it . . .



While Japan as a whole has performed woefully in global D&I indexes, Yokohama the country’s second largest city has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years thanks to a series of concrete and effective measures focused which have become known as the “Yokohama method”.

The achievements include eliminating childcare waiting lists for working families, attracting foreign investment, and developing sustainable urban spaces such as Y-Port, in association with global partners.

Japan is also home to one of the longest-running female empowerment conferences, The International Conference for Women in Business, established in 1996, long before PM Abe coined the phrase “Womenomics”. The conference leaders are now working to roll out a Diversity Index and mandatory tests across Japan’s multinational corporations, in a bid to affect data-driven, long-term change for the benefit of the country’s workforce.


If you are fed up of D&I spin and are keen to learn more about “how to” from a Dream Team line up – this is the lunch session for you.


About the Speakers


Fiona Hyslop – Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs (SDI) 

Fiona Hyslop was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs in May 2016. She completed a post graduate Diploma in Industrial Administration at the Scottish College of Textiles, before moving to Edinburgh to join the financial services company Standard Life where she held various positions in sales and marketing, latterly as Brand Development Manager. Ms Hyslop was elected a Lothians MSP in 1999 and was a member of the Parliament’s Education Committee. Following the Scottish Parliament Elections in May 2011, she was elected MSP for Linlithgow and was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs. The portfolio responsibility for Europe was added in November 2014.


Fumiko Hayashi – Mayor of Yokohama

Fumiko Hayashi is an exceptionaly person. She has been mayor of Yokohama since 2009. Her previous roles include president of BMW Tokyo, president of Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales, and chairperson and CEO of the Japanese supermarket chain Daiei. In 2006, Forbes magazine named her 39th most powerful woman in the world, the highest for a Japanese woman. Ms. Hayashi is the president of the Mayors Association of Designated Cities in Japan and also serves as a member of the Council for Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office of Japan. She has written several books on management and workforce relationships.


Kaori Sasaki – eWoman

Kaori Sasaki established UNICUL International, Inc., a communications consultancy that offers executive media training and translation and interpretation in seventy languages, in 1987 and ewoman Inc., an influential think tank and consultancy that provides marketing, branding, product development, and training to major corporations in 2000. She also created the largest working women’s conference, called the International Conference for Women in Business in 1996, now in its 22nd year. Known as an internet pioneer, she opened the first online learning portal for women in Japan in 1996.



Dr. Florian Kohlbacher – The Economist Group

Florian is the North Asia Director of The Economist Corporate Network, managing the Networks in Japan and South Korea. He is an internationally renowned expert on global business and consumer trends, focusing on how to manage innovation, strategy, sustainability and change. Florian is particularly well known for his work on ageing and business and how companies can strategically manage the challenges and opportunities of population ageing and other megatrends. While global in nature, Florian’s work has a strong focus on the economies of Asia, in particular China, Japan and Korea and he has been based in Asia for the most part of the past 18 years.  He is also a member of the Executive Committee (Excom) for the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) as well as a member of the Executive Operating Board of the European Business Council (EBC) in Japan.



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