Christmas Basket for BLCCJ members

Friday December 21st, 2018

With the holiday season upon us, we’re excited to inform you of a “Christmas basket” of sales and services from and for the BLCCJ members!


1. Vranken Pommery Japan Co., Ltd. (corporate member) is happy to share its “2018 Christmas Special Offer” of champagnes and wines:

“A” Basic Christmas Set: set of 6 bottles (champagne and wines) at JPY 10,000 (incl. tax and delivery)
“B” Special Christmas Set: set of 6 bottles (champagnes and wines) at JPY 15,000 (incl. tax and delivery)
“C” Set of 6 Champagnes: set of 6 bottles at JPY 25,000 (incl. tax and delivery)
“D” Luxury Champagne Set: 3 bottles at JPY 27,000 (incl. tax and delivery)
“E” Prestige Champagne Set: 3 bottles at JPY 30,000 (incl. tax and delivery)


The campaign only lasts till Monday 17 December 2018 9:00AM, so order quickly!
For more details and for the order sheet, please refer to the attachments.


2. Dis-Export Japon Co., Ltd. (corporate member) is also offering a Christmas Wine Selection.
Several of their red, white and rose wines are now available at a special discounted price (no delivery fee).


The campaign lasts till Wednesday 26 December, so order soon!
For details and to order, please refer to the attachment (English only).


3. Also Konishi Brewing Co., Ltd. (corporate member) is offering a special year-end discount of 20% on a selection of beers: Vedett Extra White, Duvel, La Chouffe, Saison 1858, Blanche de Namur Apple, Blanche de Namur Rose, Rodenbach Classic.


The campaign lasts till 31 January 2019.
For more details and to order, please refer to the attachment (Japanese only).


4. Belgian Brasserie Court Antwerp Six(run by corporate member Aqua Plannet Co., Ltd.) is closing its doors on December 28. Until then you can enjoy special lunch and dinner services and a cheap party plan. On top of that, several beers are priced down.
We will hold our bonenkai beer gathering at Antwerp Six on 17 December!


Aqua Plannet is also in charge of the Christmas Market still running at Centrair Airport in Nagoya until December 25:


5. BLCCJ professional member Champ de Soleil is offering a special Bonenkai plan and Christmas menu until end of December:


6. If you need some Christmas gift ideas, BLCCJ members Godiva Japan, Inc., Edelweiss Co., Ltd., Rosen Co., Ltd., Grand Place Corporation and Nello Chocolates. LLCoffer a special Christmas selection:








Grand Place:




7. Finally, the BLCCJ office is giving away the following:

-3 copies of the books “Stay Put? Make a Move?” & 3 copies of the book “Know Your Own Bone”, both written by BLCCJ individual member Tom Nevins.
(max. 1 book of each per person, first-come first-serve)

Video trailer, picture gallery, and 4-page summary of Stay Put? Make a Move?:  Free, fast worldwide delivery from:

Know Your Own


-7 copies of the book “Best of Belgium, Volume 2 (2009)”
(max. 1 book per person, first-come first-serve)


5 tickets to the piano recital of David Campignon, January 11th from 19:00 @ Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
(max. 2 tickets per person, first-come first serve!)


If interested, please send an email to the BLCCJ with your full name, postal address and phone number.


Happy holiday season everyone!