General Assembly 2018

Dear BLCCJ Members,

The President and the Board of Directors of the BLCCJ are pleased to invite you to the Annual General Assembly, which will be held as follows:

Date & Time: Thursday 13 December 2018 from 6:30PM to 7:30PM 
Venue:  BNP Paribas seminar room 42F 
(pls see map attached)


The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

• Activity report 2018
• Closing of books 2018
• Activity proposals 2019
• Budget 2019

In 2013 you agreed on the BLCCJ constitution revision (in attachment), which stipulates that the BLCCJ Board of Directors is elected every 2 years instead of 1. This means that the mandate which our Board of Directors received in 2018, will continue for 1 more year. So there will be no directors’ election in 2018 (the next election will take place in 2019) and no voting. However, since this annual meeting is mainly meant to inform our members in detail about what we have been doing this year and what we plan to do next year, we very much would like to request your presence.


As usual, we foresee a dinner after this meeting for the participants. We have booked again at Le Petit Tonneau in Kudanshita (JPY 7,000 pp) from 8:00PM.
Please kindly indicate your attendance or non-attendance to the dinner by using the attached application form.


Attachments are:

  • Convocation letter/registration form
  • Current constitution (revised in 2013)
  • Map to BNP


We hope to see many of you at this year’s General Assembly!


The BLCCJ office

BNP Paribas 42F Seminar room
Admission:   Free
Open to:    Members only/会員のみ
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