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Belgium-Japan Joint Seminar

At their Summit  in May 2014, the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Japan emphasized the strong and long-lasting investment relations between their two countries and expressed their mutual wish to reinforce them further.

In the framework of this joint initiative, the Prime Minister of Belgium, H.E. Charles Michel, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Labor and Foreign Trade, H.E. Kris Peeters travelled to Japan for a short stay from May 11, to promote Belgium as an attractive investment destination for Japanese companies.

On this occasion, on May 12, the Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo and JETRO organized a seminar on investment opportunities in Belgium.

Addressing and presiding over the seminar, Prime Minister Charles Michel and Deputy Prime Minister Peeters highlighted the recent measures taken by the Federal Government of Belgium to support the business and investment climate and strengthen Belgium’s attractiveness as a gateway to Europe.

The seminar continued with a presentation of a study of the investment climate in Belgium as compared to the investment climate in the other European countries, delivered by Mr. Masamoto Nomura, Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Belgium-Japan Association and Chamber of Commerce (BJA) in Brussels.

Mr. Luc Van den hove, Chief Executive Officer and President of IMEC, a world-leading research institute in nano-electronics, and Dr. Eric Haubruge, Prime Deputy Rector at the University of Liege, highlighted developments which have piloted Belgium to the European forefront of innovation and detailed the types of partnerships that Belgium can offer to Japanese companies. The presentations were completed by a testimony by key Japanese investors in Belgium, JSR and Kaneka Corporation.

You can download the presentations here below:
-The case of Eurogentec (Hitoshi Yahara):
-Tax reasons to use Belgium as a hub in Europe (Bart Adams – Fiscal Department for Foreign Investments):
-Joint ventures in the R&D sector in Belgium (Linklaters):
-Invest in Belgium:
-Innovation and Business Partnership with Universities (Eric Haubruge – University of Liège):
-IMEC-JSR Collaboration History:
-The IMEC Case – Innovation in partnership with Belgian research institutes (Luc Van den hove – IMEC):
-Belgium – Competitiveness as HQ and R&D location compared with other European countries (Wim Eynatten – Deloitte):
-ベルギー – 他の欧州諸国との比較における 統括拠点 ・ R&D拠点の立地国とし ての優位性 (ウィム・エイナッテン – Deloitte):
Images courtesy of Belga