“Target” now available in English

Tuesday July 17th, 2018

The BLCCJ is proud to announce that “Target” (Japanese:ターゲット), the book written by our director Jerome Chouchan, President and Representative Director of Godiva Japan Inc., has been translated into English.


Being a 5th Dan (rank) in Kyudo (Japanese archery), Mr. Chouchan also serves as a director on the board of the International Kyudo Federation.


Kyudo is the ancient martial art of archery that originated from the samurai class of feudal Japan. Today, it continues to be practiced bu thousands of people worldwide, including the author of this book. Kyudo has a particular teaching: “Right shooting always results in a hit.” This means that you shouldn’t worry about simply hitting the target; instead, you should focus your energy and will-power on proper mindset and form. In doing so, this ‘right-shooting’ will naturally result in a hit. This book applies the wisdom of Kyudo to business. In our companies, we are all under the pressure of profit margins, sales targets, efficiency, and relationships. The philosophy of Kyudo gives us new perspectives and solutions to the struggles and worries that anyone can fall prey to in their business and career.


Title: “Target – Business Wisdom from the Ancient Japanese Martial Art of Kyudo”

Publisher: LID Publishing

The book is available on Amazon UK, and from July also on Amazon USA and Amazon Japan.