The Conclusions on the Actions to be Implemented by the Customs Authorities of Both Parties Relating to Certain Origin Procedures

Thursday July 4th, 2019

The European Commission and Japan held its first meeting in the Committee on rules of origin and customs related matters 26 June. They have jointly come up with an action plan that will hopefully once and for all sort out the issues related to the certification of the origin.
A comprehensive explanation of what each authority will do can be found in the attached document. However, it is re-stated that an importer is not obliged to provide any additional information besides the statement on origin. There is furthermore no need for the importer to provide a reason why additional information cannot be provided.The absence of an explanation in addition to the statement on origin shall not lead to a rejection of the claim or a denial of the preferential tariff treatment under the EPA.

Please note that some of the changes included in the document will not be implemented immediately.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the EBC.

Best regards,
Bjorn Kongstad


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