Useful links regarding COVID-19 (March 19)

You are all concerned about the COVID-19 crisis and so are we.
Therefore we have gathered links to information that might be useful to you.


Updates on the situation in Belgium:
-News from the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo in Dutch and French
-Reinforced measures taken by the Belgian government (last update as of March 17)


Updates on the situation in Luxembourg:
-Homepage of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health
-New measures taken by the Luxembourg government (last update as of March 17)


Updates on the situation in EU:
EU Commission
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Updates on the situation in Japan:
-Japanese news agency Kyodo News releases daily updates of the major news relating to developments in the COVID-19 situation in Japanese and English
-Also the Japan Times has a live blog in English

-For policies and information in Japan, see the page of the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan in Japanese and English
-Information is also available on the page of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japanese and English
-And on the page of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japanese and English

Support for businesses – Second Emergency Response package (as of March 10): details in Japanese and English

ANA flight situation in English and Japanese (as of March 17)

Nikkei Index

General COVID-19 case tracker in Japan


Global situation:
The World Health Organization sends out daily situation reports.

For a global overview of COVID-19 cases you can check the following links:
Johns Hopkins CSSE


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In the meantime please stay healthy and safe!


The BLCCJ office