The YES (Young Executive Stay) program is a commercial export project under the auspices of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium. It aims to train young executives from Belgium and Luxembourg in successful Japanese business practices, at moderate costs, and in a short amount of time. For this purpose, every two years, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan, the Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce and the Chambre de Commerce de Luxembourg organize a one-week training program in Japan, beginning with two briefing sessions in Belgium. The training in Japan will start with a panel discussion with businesspeople in Japan, followed by introducing each participant to potential customers and/or business partners in her/his business area. The YES program enjoys the support of the Embassies of Belgium and Luxembourg in Japan, the Embassy of Japan in Belgium, the Belgium-Luxembourg Market Council, and of the representatives of the three Belgian Regions in Japan and in Belgium.


Who is the YES-program for?


You are a young executive working for a small or medium-sized company in Belgium or Luxembourg. Your company is interested in the Japanese market. You do not want to be one of the participants in a trade mission, but rather prefer to have a personalized hands-on program, which gives you direct contact with your potential customers and partners in Japan.


Program in Belgium: Briefing Sessions


Intensive preparatory briefing sessions will be held for the selected YES participants in Belgium before coming to Japan, with speakers and experts on various topics concerning export to Japan and the Japanese business culture.


Program in Japan: Panel Discussion and Business Meetings


The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan is committed to getting real business prospects for each participant.


Panel discussion

The panel discussion with Belgian and Luxembourg business(wo)men in Japan will cover different aspects of the business environment in Japan, such as the recent evolution of the economy, types of enterprises, potential in different sectors, and general business practices as well as more specific aspects, such as commercial laws, trade barriers, shipping and distribution practices.


Introduction to the market: business meetings

Under guidance of a member of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan (the “business coach”), and with the help from students from Sophia University in Tokyo, each participant will have the opportunity to contact potential customers and organize business meetings.
Each YES program participant will work individually with a business coach, who will be selected from a company that is related to the participant’s business, but not in direct competition.


Financial contribution from each participant


The YES program is at reasonable cost to your company. The organizers will bear most of the direct costs of your trip to Japan, including your economy class airplane ticket, accommodation during the whole program, organization of seminars, a reception where you can invite potential business contacts, and the visit of the student to your company.

A token fee of 2,500 EUR to partially cover expenses should be paid to the BLCCJ upon confirmation of selection. This fee is non-reimbursable. Please note that other costs such as your personal out-of-pocket expenses including food, entertainment, professional interpreters and domestic travel, are to be borne by the participant.


When does the YES program take place?


The YES X mission to Japan took place from 9 till 16 October 2016. The students from Japan visited the participants and their company in Belgium and Luxembourg from 1 till 7 September 2016. The BJA seminars in Belgium were scheduled for June and September 2016.

YES XI is scheduled for 2018. Promotion of the program will start end of 2017.


When you apply for YES, together with your application letter, you also have to send the following documents in English, only by electronic means and by e-mail to

  • The application form (on-line application)
  • A profile of your company
  • Catalogues of the products/services you intend to promote in Japan
  • A resume of the applicant
  • Financial Statement of the company
  • A tentative market study of the Japanese market
  • Overview of your activity in Japan to present (if any)


For more details on the YES program:


Coordinator for Japan:

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Ms. Sophie Bocklandt, General Manager

T +81 (0)3 6457 8662

F +81 (0)3 6457 8663


Coordinator for Belgium:

The Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Anja Oto-Kellens, Executive Director
T +32 (0)2 644 13 33
F +32 (0)2 644 23 60


Coordinator for Luxembourg:

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, International Affairs, Ms. Violaine Mathurin

T +35 (0)2 42 39 39 481
F +35 (0)2 42 39 39 822


Feedback from YES X 2016:

8 Belgian companies participated in Yes X. They all had several interesting business meetings with potential Japanese customers, and some participants could make interesting contacts and event conclude a business deal.  They all agreed that the YES program is amazing because it gives smaller companies the opportunity to explore the Japanese market, which would stay a dream if it were not for YES.