9th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop – 11th December 2019 – Tokyo

The 9th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop is taking place on 11th December 2019 in Tokyo back-to-back with European Commission Dialogues on digital with the Japanese Ministry of Communications (MIC) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI).


The workshop will provide an excellent platform for the European and Japanese industries and stakeholders to present their viewpoints to public authorities in charge of digital policy in the EU and in Japan ahead of their gov-to-gov Dialogues on 12th & 13th December 2019.


It aims in particular at exchanging views and deepening the cooperation on topics detailed in the provisional agenda attached. Japanese colleagues will be represented both from the side of the administration (Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Cabinet Office) and of the industry (delegation led by Keidanren).


BLCCJ member companies can intervene during the discussions, or even give a short topical presentation (no general company presentations, please) on an issue of particular interest in relation to the topics on the agenda.


Mr Tonnie De Koster stands ready to provide with any further information you would need (tonnie.de-koster@ec.europa.eu  or +32498980084).


Companies should confirm their attendance to Jean-Yves Roger (Jean-Yves.Roger@ec.europa.eu ) if possible no later than 5th December.


As the room has limited space, it will be on a first come first served basis.





Since several years now, DG Connect has further intensified its relations with Japan. Since 2017 we have started a dialogue with METI besides the dialogue with the Ministry of Communications (MIC) which we have held now for more than 20 years. Contacts with the Cabinet Office of Prime Minister Abe on digital affairs have also deepened.

Furthermore, we have, since 2015, associated industry to our exchanges with the Japanese administration. We have done so by organising regular digital strategy workshops either in Europe (last year workshop was held in the margins of the ICT Conference in Vienna) or in Japan.

This has proven an extremely fruitful exercise allowing us to address also market access or regulatory reform issues with the Japanese authorities in the presence of stakeholders from industry. Furthermore it has allowed us to gain useful inputs for our subsequent gov-to-gov Dialogues with METI and MIC. Finally, it has allowed us on the EU-side, public authorities and industry together, to establish a very regular exchange of information and good practices with the Japanese government and industry on digital policies, an area in which of course with the Digital single market strategy in the EU and the Japanese Society 5.0 a vast array of initiatives have been taken on the side of regulation, but also R&D and standardisation. We would now like to extend this dialogue more into areas such as platform policy, connected and automated driving, blockchain etc.