Farewell to BLCCJ Board members

Summer is often a time of goodbyes with diplomats leaving Japan.


This year we have to say goodbye to 2 of them:


1) Christian MULLER, Minister-Counselor at the Luxembourg Embassy in Tokyo for the last 4 years

His next posting will be Brussels.

2) Brent VAN TASSEL, First Secretary at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo AND Advisor on the BLCCJ Board for the last 4 years

His next posting will be in Rio de Janeiro.



On top of that we have to say goodbye to 2 other Board members:


1) Gregory VAN BELLINGHEN, Director of the BLCCJ from 2016 till 2019 (with focus on Luxembourg and EBC), and BLCCJ Advisor since January 2020. 

2) Bernard DE LE COURT, Secretary-General of the BLCCJ for countless years
He will temporarily move back to Belgium, but stay on as a BLCCJ Director. His position as Secretary-General will be taken over by BLCCJ Director Kevin DETHOOR.



We want to thank all 4 gentlemen for the great support they have given to the BLCCJ over the past years. We will miss them dearly, and hope to welcome them again in Japan in a near future.



To give them a proper farewell, the Belgian Ambassador kindly invited the BLCCJ Board to a lovely (corona-proof) dinner at the Embassy. We had a second small-scale Board dinner at member restaurant Le Petit Tonneau for those who couldn’t make it.