JMEC Awards Ceremony Sponsor Opportunity (June 9)

Japan Market Entry Competition (JMEC)

Awards Ceremony 2021 online – looking for sponsors!


Be a part of the JMEC Awards Ceremony (June 9) and showcase your company’s products and services at the JMEC 27th Awards Ceremony by donating a prize for the raffle or silent auction. Over 100 people will be in attendance from the Tokyo business community to celebrate and find out “Who will win JMEC 27!”

Your donation will go to support future JMEC scholarships for up-and-coming business talent in the Tokyo community. All prize givers will be properly acknowledged through our website and media and at the ceremony.


Benefits and Visibility for Donating Companies:

  1. Have your company listed in JMEC 27 Awards Ceremony brochure
  2. Be invited to the Awards Ceremony
  3. Be listed as a donating company on the JMEC website
  4. Link to your company’s website from the JMEC website & social media


To ensure proper recognition of your company’s support, please click the Donation Form below and email with your company logo.


Donation Delivery:
As the Awards Ceremony is on-line we ask you to send directly to the winner if possible.


Thank you in advance for your support and making it a fun event for everyone!


The Japan Market Expansion Competition Team