Request for input on Rules of Origin

The following request was shared by the European Business Council (EBC):


Dear all,

I hope this finds you well.
With the entry into force of the EPA, you have seen that the EBC have sent out several emails regarding the Rules of Origin and issues with the Japanese Customs asking for additional information and in some cases also making this a requirement to grant preferential treatment. This despite the announcement made that the importer is not require to provide additional information if this is not available to her.

We are looking for answers to the following questions:

– Are you using a statement on origin when asking for treatment under the EPA?
– What happens when you do not provide the additional information?
– Have you decided no to use the EPA, or not to import the products at all?
– Have you noticed a change in the attitude of Japan Customs since the announcement made 16 March:
– What products are/were you trying to import?
– Is Japan Customs indicating that the will use the verification process if the additional information is not provided?
– Are you willing to have you company name and information passed on to the authorities?

We ask you to provide the input as promptly as possible.

Best regards,

Bjorn Kongstad
Policy Director
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