Since its foundation in 1978, The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan has been promoting the development of commercial activities between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan. Led by a Board of 9~14 Directors from various backgrounds and experiences, and a permanent office with multilingual staff, the BLCCJ offers a wide range of tailor-made services aimed at helping you to succeed in the world’s third largest economy. Our close and longstanding cooperation with the embassies of Belgium and Luxembourg as well as our excellent relations with key Japanese business- and governmental organizations give the necessary prerequisites to be your ideal partner. Furthermore, as a founding and active member of the European Business Council in Japan (EBC), we support the development of an increasingly favourable trade and investment environment for foreign companies.


The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BLCCJ) promotes business in the Japanese market by supporting the Belgian-Luxembourg business community and creating a more favorable market environment for its member companies.
More specifically, BLCCJ has three main objectives:

  • Promotion of commercial activities between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan
  • Create and facilitate awareness about Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Provide a business network for our members in Japan

In line with these main objectives, BLCCJ organizes a variety of regular activities, often in collaboration with the Embassies of Belgium and Luxembourg as well as other Belgian, Japanese and Luxembourg-related organizations.


The BLCCJ is administered by a Board of 9 to 14 Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting, which convenes at the end of the year. The elected Board appoints among the directors a President, 1 or 2 Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary General. Their term of office is 2 years (January to December x2).
A General Manager, fluent in Japanese, Dutch, French and English, and a Japanese Executive Assistant ensure the daily tasks of the Chamber Office.

List of Board Members 2022-2023:

  • Fabrice Tilot, President
  • Jan De Bock, Vice-President
  • Laurent Depus, Vice-President
  • Frederic Lucron, Treasurer
  • Kevin Dethoor, Secretary-General
  • Jo Anseeuw
  • Jean-Pierre Bernardino
  • Samuel Blondel
  • Jerome Chouchan
  • Kazumasa Imoto
  • Hironori Kato
  • Kazuma Kato

The Board of Directors meets monthly and decides on all important matters.
For each of the activities the Board nominates specific Directors to delegate responsibility for execution. This system enhances the Chamber’s capacity for the activities and enables to take adequate and quick action in organizing events.


The BLCCJ was officially founded in September 1978. On the occasion of our 30th birthday, in 2008, a commemorative book publication and short video were produced, documenting the 30 years' history of our Chamber. In 2018, the Chamber celebrated its 40th anniversary.

BLCCJ 30 Years Movie

BLCCJ 30 Years booklet