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To promote the development of commercial activities between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan, the Chamber provides an extensive range of tailor-made services to its member companies or companies wishing to penetrate the Japanese market.

Our Services

  • Access to numerous events organized by BLCCJ
  • Access to activities of other Chambers of Commerce, Embassies or other organizations
  • Regular newsletters
  • Promotion of BLCCJ member business activities
  • General information on Japan and its business practices
  • Support for business meetings (scheduling, language support, name cards)
  • Outsourcing of BLCCJ staff
  • Job and cv postings
  • Introduction to professional translators and interpreters
  • Introduction to legal and financial service providers
  • Introduction to rental office space and domiciliation services
  • Introduction to the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC program) and other business market research
  • Introduction to the CCIFJ Global Manager Program
  • Etc.
Our Services

Please note that some of the services are only available against a reasonable fee. Should you wish to benefit from these services, please contact the BLCCJ office.


The BLCCJ organizes a large variety of events to provide our members with valuable insights in the Japanese market, creating great opportunities to network and meet with fellow businessmen, professionals and friends of Belgium and Luxembourg alike.

Our events include business seminars and webinars, breakfast meetings with visiting VIPs, trade fairs, monthly networking gatherings, a yearly gala, golf tournament, joint chamber events and more.

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BLCCJ Events

Our 3 flagship events

Delighting Customers in Japan Delighting Customers in Japan

Annual seminar where top executives share their best practices in delighting their Japanese customers.

Nippon Export Award Nippon Export Award

Bi-annual award for the most successful company in exporting to, importing into, or distributing within Japan, Belgian-Luxembourg products or services.

YES (Young Executive Stay) Program YES (Young Executive Stay) Program

Bi-annual business mission organized under the auspices of HRH King Philippe of Belgium for Belgian and Luxembourg SMEs considering to enter the Japanese market.

Other Services


The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is an English-language business training program in Japan centered on a business plan writing competition. The dual objectives of the program are to strengthen the skills of up-and-coming executives (participants), while at the same time benefiting foreign and domestic companies doing business in Japan (project clients).

The JMEC participants receive classroom training, and hands-on experience writing a business plan for the Japanese market. The JMEC project clients receive a professional business plan for their activities in the Japanese market at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants.

The JMEC program is supported by 18 foreign Chambers of Commerce, including BLCCJ.

For more information:

Asian network of BeLux Chambers

In 2021, the BLCCJ concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 11 other BeLux & EuroCham Chambers in Asia, and that number is growing.
BLCCJ members are now invited to review the event calendars of the participating Chambers and when interested, participate on the same conditions as members from the organizing Chamber. This applies to webinars but also to in-person events, which is especially attractive once business travel fully resumes.

The participating Chambers in this MoU are:

To join an event of one of the other Asian Chambers, please reach out to that Chamber directly and mention your BLCCJ membership.


Here below is a list of Belgian-Luxembourg CVs we received at the BLCCJ office. If you are interested in a certain profile, please contact the person directly.

Michael YUNCK
Looking for a position (currently based in Belgium)

Looking for a position (currently based in Belgium)

Looking for a sales or management position (currently based in Vietnam)

Looking for a job or internship (currently based in Belgium)

Tadataka SATO
Looking for a position (based in Japan)

Looking for a position (currently based in Belgium)

Berend BUYLE
Looking for a position (currently based in Belgium)

Alexandre PERON
Looking for an internship (currently based in Japan)

Raphael EMPAIN
Looking for an internship or entry position from September 2024 (currently based in Belgium)

Looking for a position as Finance Manager / Controller / FP&A Manager (based in Japan)

Gaspard WERY
Looking for an internship (January-June 2025, currently based in Belgium)



Since January 1st, 2007 a social security agreement between Belgium & Japan entered into force. This agreement reduces the social burden on both employers and employees, and further promotes economic exchanges between Belgium & Japan. For both Belgian citizens working and living in Japan (or done so in the past), and Japanese citizens working and living in Belgium (or done so in the past), the agreement has important financial implications and benefits.

You can find the detailed agreement in the attached file (in ENG only).
More information on the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo website:

The BLCCJ offers consultation services to Japanese citizens who have a right to receive a pension from Belgium. Documents will arrive in Dutch or French, so the BLCCJ office can guide you through the procedure to receive the pension. This is a paying service of JPY 10,000 (one-time payment).

For more information, please contact the BLCCJ office ( or 03-6457-8662)

Life certificates:
As of February 1st, 2017 Japanese pensioners whose local authority does not accept to sign the annual life certificate from Belgium, will have to go to their local Notary Public Office to receive a certificate ‘Legalization of signature’. The Notary states herein that the person has presented him/herself in person, and that the identity of the person concerned has been checked.

-list of Notary Public Offices in Japan (in JP only):
-list of Notary Public Offices in Tokyo (in JP only):


Since August 1st, 2017 there is also a social security agreement between Luxembourg & Japan. You can find the detailed agreement in the attached file (in ENG only).

We recommend that you first contact the Luxembourg Embassy for assistance before contacting BLCCJ (we charge a one-time JPY 10,000 consultation fee).