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Annual General Meeting 2022 – increase membership fees

Annual General Meeting 2022 – increase membership fees

On Wednesday 14 December the BLCCJ held its AGM at the Belgian Embassy.

Activities and financial figures for 2022, and the activity calendar and budget for 2023 were unanimously approved by the attending members (incl. proxies).


The Board of Directors 2022 continues for one more year, till 31 December 2023:

  • President: Fabrice Tilot, Triple-A Management
  • Vice-President: Jan De Bock, trainspot
  • Vice-President: Laurent Depus, Escapade Japan
  • Treasurer: Frederic Lucron, Hilton Osaka
  • Secretary General: Kevin Dethoor, PlatinumGames
  • Director: Jo Anseeuw, Materialise Japan
  • Director: Jean-Pierre Bernardino, Puratos Japan
  • Director: Samuel Blondel, IKEA Japan
  • Director: Jérôme Chouchan, Godiva Japan
  • Director: Kazumasa Imoto, Solvay Japan
  • Director: Hironori Kato, Barco Japan
  • Director: Kazuma Kato, Kamiyacho International Law Office


At the AGM we announced an increase in membership fees due to inflation. This is the first increase in over 10 years. We count on your understanding and support.

  • Flagship fees remain the same (+ JPY 400,000 / 300,000 / 200,000)
  • Corporate fees will increase from JPY 150,000 to JPY 175,000
  • Professional fees will increase from JPY 50,000 to JPY 60,000
  • Individual fees will increase from JPY 30,000 to JPY 35,000
  • Starter fees remain the same (JPY 15,000)