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BLCCJ is supporting the EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021

BLCCJ is supporting the EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021
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EXPAT EXPO TOKYO is the only expo in Japan for international residents.

This expo is a matching platform for internationals and local businesses providing foreigner-friendly services, welcoming foreign nationals and their families.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Minato City, Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan Association of Tourism Agents, and several chambers of commerce in Japan including BLCCJ officially support this expo.


You can find various English-friendly businesses from international schools, language schools, Japanese traditional goods, real estate companies to local tourism associations where you can find the best destination to travel with and after COVID-19.

Also, at stage events and workshops you can enjoy Japanese culture with your family, such as Samurai (Japanese warriors) performances, Kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) wearing experiences, Shamisen (Japanese traditional instrument) playing experience, Mangekyo (kaleidoscope) making experience etc.


For more information, please kindly visit the official website:


Date & Time: 05Nov (Fri.) 2021 10:00-17:00

06Nov (Sat.) 2021 10:00-16:00

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN

Entry Fee: Free
Registration: Please go to the visitor registration page from the expo website:

When visiting the expo, please fill out the attached registration form or bring a business card.

Safety measures: The expo is held according to the below guidelines:

1) “Basic Policy for Countermeasures against COVID-19” established by the government / Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

2) Guidelines set by the local government (Tokyo Metropolitan City)

3) Guidelines, “Prevention of COVID-19 in the exhibition industry” set by the Japan Exhibition Association

4) Guidelines set by the venue, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, HAMAMATSU CHO KAN

Inquiries: By e-mail to


When visiting the expo, please fill out the attached registration form or bring a business card.