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Christmas Basket 2023

Christmas Basket 2023
Zeus III

With the holiday season upon us, we are excited to inform you of several Christmas promotions and gift ideas from the BLCCJ members for the BLCCJ members!


1. Konishi Brewing Co., Ltd. (BLCCJ corporate member):
15% discount on all beer orders with a value of JPY 5,000 or more, applicable on any product for sale in their web shop.
Fill in the coupon code BLCCJXmas2023 in the appropriate field when finalizing the order.
The offer stands from 11 December until 31 December 2023, and the coupon can be used multiple times.
Delivery times are the usual delivery times guaranteed by their web shop team.


2. Trinity (Artistic&Co.The New Otani Tokyo)(BLCCJ professional member):
discounted “Zeus III” Christmas set (see attached picture)

This set includes:

  • New “Zeus III” facial beauty device
  • Latest gel
  • Latest serum
  • 5 facial masks

Usual cost for the set is JPY 328,460 but BLCCJ members can enjoy the discounted fee of JPY 275,000 (a discount of more than JPY 50,000).
BLCCJ members also get a free 60-minutes follow-up service (usual cost JPY 10,000).

The offer runs till 25 December 2023.

If interested, please contact the store:
Address:Hotel New Otani Lobby floor, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578
Contact person:Ms. Masumi Oyama, Store Manager/Therapist
Tel:03-6272-3868 (10:00-19:00)


3. BLCCJ member Veronique Dezonne (Brussels-Nagoya-Languages B.N.L. school) translated the picture book “Santa & Shikabell” into French: “Père Noël et Shikabell”.
This Christmas book is for sale on Amazon or via Santa Japan. People in the Nagoya area can also purchase the book at the B.N.L. school.

Furthermore she has supported the Japanese translation of the book “Ma première histoire de Belgique”.
This book is for sale on AmazonRakuten and Yodobashi. You can also find it in the regular book stores. People in the Nagoya area can purchase the book at the B.N.L. school.
Cost is JPY 1,100 (incl. tax)


4. Belgian restaurant Champ de Soleil (BLCCJ professional member) is offering a special “Menu Noël” (Dec 18-25)

Also member restaurant Le Petit Tonneau is offering a X’mas Special Menu (Dec 19-24).

And BLCCJ members can still enjoy a discount at Armani ristorante!
For more details, please check our website.


5. If you need more Christmas gift ideas, BLCCJ corporate members Godiva Japan, Inc., Edelweiss Co., Ltd., and Rosen Co., Ltd., offer a special Christmas selection:

And professional member Grand Place Corporation is offering a JPY 250 discount coupon on all winter gift purchases above JPY 5,400 through their online shop.
Coupon code: 2023WT250


We wish you a happy holiday season!