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Entry to Japan – Latest rules (as of 16 March, 2022)

Entry to Japan – Latest rules (as of 16 March, 2022)

The following information was shared by the European Business Council (EBC) in its latest newsletter:


As you are most likely aware of, the daily cap of people allowed to enter Japan has, as of 15 March, been raised to 7,000. This limit includes all entries, both newly arrivals as well as residents. There has been report of this limit being raised to 10,000 by the end of this month.


To have your colleagues able to enter Japan, please use the following site in Japanese:


There has, furthermore, also been changes to the quarantine rules when (re-)entering Japan: Switzerland and Sweden are now not considered designated countries.
This means that, with the exceptions of Russia and Turkey, there is no need for any quarantine if you come from a European country and if you, at the same time, are booster vaccinated. You will, of course, still need a negative test result taken not more than 72 hours before departing for Japan, and then another one at the border.


Do note that while the last document is only in Japanese, it might be easier to understand which countries are so called “designated”, meaning that you would require some form of quarantine even if you are booster vaccinated.


Please note that children under 18 years old, hence not eligible for booster vaccination, will be treated in accordance with the guardian that they travel with.


The above changes are something that the EBC has worked very hard for, and we are grateful for all the support we have received in this regard. If you are running into any problems, we would very much like to hear from you. This also includes issues related to the daily cap.


Bjorn Kongstad,
EBC Chief Policy Director


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