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EU Access2Markets programme


Access2Markets is the new one-stop-shop for export and import information designed to help small and medium-sized firms trade beyond the EU’s borders and reap the benefits of EU trade deals.


The new portal provides businesses with tailored information for their product. In just a few clicks, they can look up tariffs, taxes, rules of origin, product requirements, customs procedures, trade barriers and trade flow statistics.


The portal also provides practical information on EU trade agreements, step-by-step guides, tutorials, video testimonials, and much more, in all official EU languages.


The rules of origin self-assessment tool, ROSA, filters and explains the rules and offers a tailored check-list to


help companies apply them and ensure that they do not miss out on tariff rebates under EU trade deals. Businesses can also use the portal to report trade barriers they encounter.


Access2Markets includes a host of additional user-friendly functions to help businessmen and women get the most out of the EU’s large network of trade deals. And, of course, it is completely free of charge!



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