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EU-Japan Green Transition matchmaking event 2024

EU-Japan Green Transition matchmaking event 2024

In partnership with many stakeholders in Europe and Japan, the EU-Japan Centre organises an “EU-Japan Green Transition” matchmaking event for the third year in a row. The event is for companies as well as research organisations from Japan and EU interested in building business partnerships that contribute to a low-carbon society.


The EU-Japan Green Transition platform offers opportunities for:

online meetings on 15-22 February 2024.
onsite meetings in Tokyo during the Smart Energy Week on 28 Feb – 1 March.

Matchmaking beyond these dates will be possible online only until 31 March 2024.

The platform will also be open to hosting webinars related to the Green Transition topic.


The main target areas are:
– Electrolysers and fuel cells
– Battery/storage technologies
– Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies
– Grid technologies
– Onshore wind and offshore renewable technologies
– Sustainable biogas/biomethane technologies
– Carbon Capture and storage (CCS) technologies
– Heat pumps and geothermal energy technologies
– Low-carbon construction and manufacturing/ green materials
– Product lifecycle management (PLM) and Recycling


Access to this platform is free of charge and reserved for representatives of enterprises, research and educational institutions and other related organisations, that are active in the above target fields and based in Japan, the European Union or SMP countries.

Organisers will review registrants’ profiles and accept them if they are eligible and appropriate for the event.


Registrations are open until 25 March 2024:


EU-JAPAN CENTRE for Industrial Cooperation | EU-based office
Rue Marie de Bourgogne 52 | B-1000 Brussels | Belgium | | +32 2 282 0042