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News COVID-19 (April 6)

News COVID-19 (April 6)

Here are some headlines we gathered for you since Friday:


-Japan PM Abe to declare a state of emergency amid surge in virus infections – Gov’t eyes putting state of emergency into effect Wednesday (April 6, Kyodo News)


-Essential services to run in Tokyo even in state of emergency: Koike (April 3, Kyodo News)
Almost daily updates from Governor Koike on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website under “Tokyo Douga”, including in English (April 3, Youtube)


-Japan gov’t to earmark 1 trillion yen for reserve fund to fight coronavirus (April 5, Kyodo News)


-Japan to give 300,000 yen in cash to each household in need (April 3, Kyodo News)


Luxembourg: Ministry of the Economy launches call for projects to startups for innovative solutions to combat COVID-19 (as of April 4)


-Toyota halts operations at 5 plants in Japan as virus hits demand (April 3, Kyodo News)


-Foreigners in Japan given extra 3 months to renew stay due to coronavirus (April 3, Kyodo News)


In the meantime our Board of Directors has started posting on our LinkedIn Group. We kindly invite you all to comment and share your own updates with the BLCCJ community.


Please take good care of yourselves, stay healthy and safe!


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