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News COVID-19 (March 30)

News COVID-19 (March 30)

Here are some of the headlines from the weekend:


-Tokyo government urges people to stay home at night (March 30, NHK World)


-Tokyo confirms 68 new coronavirus cases, record daily increase (March 29, Kyodo News)


-Abe pledges Japan’s “boldest-ever” economic stimulus to fight virus (March 28, Kyodo News)


-The Luxembourg Ministry of Economy has announced an 8.8 billion EUR economic support package for companies.


Belgium: Measures taken earlier by the National Security Council have been extended with two weeks until April 19 (as of March 27)
National Crisis Center in Belgium (only in DutchFrench and German)


-Japanese airlines could see 1 trillion yen revenue fall on virus pandemic (March 28, Kyodo News)


-July 2021 strongest candidate for postponed Tokyo Olympics start (March 29, Kyodo News)


-In response to the virus threat to the Japanese economy, Custom Media has launched “Connect” — a digital community platform that provides free online advertising, promotion, and marketing to SMEs, entrepreneurs and local businesses, especially those in the most affected sectors.
For more information, please go to their website (English only).


Kindly note that in view of the current situation in Tokyo, the BLCCJ office staff will mainly work from home this week. But we stay reachable through email, facebook, LinkedIn. We thank you for your understanding.


Let’s all stay healthy and safe!


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