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Passing away of Ambassador Nothomb

Passing away of Ambassador Nothomb

Dear members and friends of BLCCJ,


We informed you last week of the passing away of Ambassador Nothomb, on our Facebook page.

Patrick Nothomb had first served as General Consul in Osaka, and later in his career as Ambassador to Japan.

For those of us who had the privilege to know him, he will remain an iconic character, inspiring, charismatic, loved and respected by all.

He was a true lover of Japan – arguably as much as his dear Ardennes – understanding and embracing its people and culture like no other.

Beyond his amazing fluency in Japanese, he was a passionate and skilled Noh singer.

He had so much empathy for both his fellow citizens and Japanese people, that I believe both countries were one and one only Motherland in his mind, in his heart. Even after his last posting here – an odd 30 years ago – he kept close ties with Japan and the numerous friends he made here.


As BLCCJ, we gladly benefited from his watchful eye, everlasting support and wise guidance.


On a personal perspective, after having been a close friend and colleague of my father (including troubled times in Congo (1962!), he became to me a mentor and a dear friend as well.


Patrick, we will miss you truly, and allow me to hereby present our deepest condolences to your beloved ones, on behalf of the BLCCJ and its friends here.


Fare well,


Fabrice Tilot

BLCCJ President