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Revised Guidance on the Rules of Origin Procedure

Revised Guidance on the Rules of Origin Procedure

The following information reached us through the European Business Council (EBC):


Dear EBC friends,

Although we hope that the initial problems with the Rules of Origin and in particular the statements on origin have been resolved, the authorities are still working hard at making the process as smooth as possible at both ends.

For this purpose, EU and Japan have published revised guidance on the Rules of Origin procedures, which can be found here.



DG TAXUD (European Commission) has also revised its two guideline documents on:

– the Guidance on Claim, Verification and Denial;

– the Guidance on the Statement on Origin.

You can find the revised documents here:

The revised Guidance the Statement on Origin for Multiple Shipments is still under consultations with the Member States and will be published by the end of January 2020.

If you have any problems in this regard, please let us know, as this is the only opportunity for us to inform the EU Delegation, European Commission and the Japanese authorities of any problems.

Best regards,
Bjorn Kongstad



Bjorn Kongstad
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