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Spotlight on our members and news COVID-19 (April 21)

Spotlight on our members and news COVID-19 (April 21)

Today we would like to draw your attention to some of our member companies.


While we are working on setting up our next webinars, you might want to join some of the webinars organized by our member Deloitte Belgium:
Weekly webinars responding to Covid-19
Specific webinars on Covid-19 related topics, e.g. webinar series on transfer pricing in economic downturn following Covid-19
More information on Covid-19 related publications and webinars


To give you some inspiration to pass the days at home:

Member restaurant Champ de Soleil is regularly posting recipe ideas and amusing pictures on its blog and fb page

-Also the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office Tokyo is regularly sharing Luxembourg recipes on its fb page

Member company Ever Brew is selling Delirium Fan beer sets including a ticket for a Zoom beer meeting

Member company Brussels is selling Beer at Home Survival beer sets in its online shop

-And don’t forget to check out Belgian Beer Weekend Home to order even more Belgian beers and enjoy Belgian music while tasting your homemade Belgian and Luxembourg dishes!


Finally, let us share a few news headlines of the last 24 hours:

-Japan Cabinet OKs reworked extra budget for $1.1 trillion virus package (April 20, Kyodo News)


-Japan’s emergency relief for companies will cause estimated ¥26 trillion in additional deficit (April 20, The Japan News)


-Q&A: How do I receive 100,000 yen from the government? (April 20, Kyodo News)


-Crowds down in Nagoya, Kyoto and Sapporo, but still too big (April 20, The Asahi Shimbun)


-Oil price plunges below zero amid pandemic (April 21, NHK World-Japan)


-Coronavirus outbreak sparks harassment at workplaces in Japan (April 20, Kyodo News)


-Rakuten starts sells testing kits, Sharp face masks in fighting virus (April 20, Kyodo News)


Stay healthy and safe!


The BLCCJ office