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EBC Briefing – Are you ready for the digital economy?

EBC Briefing – Are you ready for the digital economy?
Speakers and moderators

The following event information reached us through the European Business Council (EBC):

Are you ready for the Digital Economy?

Join us to hear from industry and regulatory experts on how the digital economy is transforming their business practices and be inspired to adapt to changes within your own business environments!
The European Business Council in Japan through its Business Fundamentals Group (Financial Reporting, Intellectual Property Rights, Legal Services, Retail & Wholesale and Tax committees) invites you to a seminar on the digital economy and its impact on business. The event will be held on 26 February from 17:00 at the EU Delegation in Hiroo. Two panels with representatives from different industry segments will discuss and present how they have changed or are changing to meet and prosper from the new challenges and possibilities that digitalisation and the digital economy offer. The focus will be not only on changes to business models, work styles, but also cultural and technical adjustments as well as to the regulatory environment.

This “EBC Briefing” seminar is the first of its kind, and was organized in pursuit of one of the main objectives of the New EBC, which is to reinforce and broadly showcase the work of the EBC Committees. For more information and a detailed agenda, as well as a presentation of the speakers and moderators, please see the attached documents.

To register to this event, send an email to with your name and affiliation by 23 February.