For 40 years, the Chamber has been promoting the development of commerce between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan.  In this framework, the Chamber offers a series of services to its member companies or companies wishing to penetrate the Japanese market. Please note that some of the services are only available against a reasonable fee. Should you wish to benefit from these services, please contact BLCCJ office.

  • Access to seminars, business meetings or events
  • Promotion of BLCCJ member business activities
  • Support to business(wo)men visiting Japan
  • Tailor-made assistance (partner search, meeting scheduling, logistical support etc)
  • Information on Japanese market business practices
  • Organization of trade missions (YES)
  • Access to numerous activities of other European Chambers of Commerce

If you would like to receive further information about BLCCJ or if you have questions or comments about this site, please e-mail info[at] (Tel +81-3-6457 8662 --- Fax +81-3-6457 8663).


Since January 1st, 2007 the new social security agreement between Belgium & Japan entered into force. This agreement reduces the social burden on both companies and employees, and further promotes economic exchanges between Belgium & Japan. For both Belgian citizens working and living in Japan, and Japanese citizens residing in Belgium, the new agreement has important financial implications and benefits.

You can find the agreement in the attached file below.

More information on the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo website:

The BLCCJ offers consultation services to Japanese citizens who have a right to receive a pension from Belgium. Documents will arrive in Dutch or French, so the BLCCJ office can guide you through the procedure to receive the pension. This is a paying service of JPY 6,000 (only once).
Please contact the BLCCJ office for more information: info[at] T:03-6457-8662 F:03-6457-8663

Life certificates:
As of February 1st, 2017 Japanese pensioners whose local authority does not accept to sign the life certificate, will have to go to their local Notary Public Office to receive a certificate ‘Legalization of signature’.
The Notary states herein that the person has presented him/herself in person, and that the identity of the person concerned has been checked.
This document then has to be legalized (Apostille). Some Notary Offices in Tokyo and Kanagawa offer a one-stop service. If not, the Notary Office can give more information on the Apostille procedure, or you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information on the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo website:
and the Notary Public Office in your neighborhood.

For info:
-list of Notary Public Offices in Tokyo (JP only):
-list of Notary Public Offices in Kanagawa (JP only):
-list of Notary Public Offices in Osaka (JP only):


Since August 1st, 2017 there is also a social security agreement between Luxembourg & Japan.
You can find the agreement in the attached file below.
We recommend to first contact the Luxembourg Embassy for assistance before contacting BLCCJ (we charge a one-time JPY 6,000 consultation fee).

The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is an English-language business training program in Japan centered on a business plan competition. The dual objectives of the program are to strengthen the skills of up-and-coming executives, while at the same time benefiting foreign and domestic companies doing business in Japan.

Individuals who participate in the business training program receive classroom training, and hands-on experience writing a business plan for the Japanese market. Organizations that take part in the program as project clients receive a professional business plan for their activities in the Japanese market at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants.

The JMEC program is supported by 18 foreign Chambers of Commerce, including BLCCJ.

Whether you are an organization in need of a business plan for the Japanese market, or an individual looking for business training in Japan, JMEC is for YOU!

If you are looking to recruit, or you are in want of a new professional challenge, then CareerEngine is for you!

CareerEngine is the official career and networking website for 12 foreign chambers in Japan, including BLCCJ.

As a member of the BLCCJ, you are entitled to receive an introductory offer including:
• Instantly post positions across multiple CareerEngine partner sites including JapanToday : No.1 English source for Japan related news.
• Search the CareerEngine Resume Bank Database. Proactively search for candidates using targeted keywords.
• Reach qualified candidates through CareerEngine's Job Mail. Prospective candidates receive new job updates three times a week.
• FREE Resume Bank, Scout Mail and Alerts. Be notified when a candidate who meets your exact criteria joins the database. (Value ¥50,000 w/o tax)
• FREE Company Feature Page. You will receive a complimentary Company page creating a branded employment landing page for your company. (Value ¥40,000 w/o tax)
• FIRST time posting 50% discount off any job posting services
• Continuing 10% discount of any additional recruitment services, includes: postings, additional options, Managed search and TAA (Please see attached price list for product range).

For more information on creating a recruitment campaign, contact Mr. Kevin Holdaway directly at and he will get the ball rolling for you.
Make sure to mention you are applying through BLCCJ!

Since 2006 Japan Consulting Office (JCO) has been working to increase effectiveness in the workplace through overcoming cultural differences between Japanese and non-Japanese.

JCO recognizes the growing demand for self-paced, distance learning and has created an online offering of their most popular training program.
Developed in collaboration with a leading Japanese multinational, it is the most comprehensive online training on Japanese business culture to date.

Here below is a list of Belgian-Luxembourg CVs we received at the BLCCJ office.
If you are interested in a profile, please contact the person directly.

Position Name CV
Looking for a position (banking) Takashi KIMORI
Looking for a position (banking) Pim NEIRYNCK
Looking for a position (engineering) Yannick BOESMANS
Looking for a position Robin SEREXHE
Looking for a position Christina NOLS
Looking for a position (banking) Badr BOUSSABAT
Looking for a position Laurent BIVER
Looking for a job or internship Alexandre Michelle EL-ASSAL
Looking for a position Kazumi YUKI
Looking for a position Charlotte BLONDEEL
Looking for an internship (Sep till Dec 2019) Noah DE DEKEN
Looking for a position Frederic DESCHOENMAEKER
Looking for a position Augustin LEGRAND